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For everyone who is following LHHG’s Challenge for a sustainable you and are struggling with mediation techniques that are comfortable for your body, this blog post is for you. Yesterday, Russell Simmons post on his Global Grind website, how he meditates, as described in his book “Super Rich,” which tells his story about how he found calmness. I actually use the techniques he describes in his book at the start of my mornings to clear my head and relax my body for a busy day. It works, trust me. When I first started meditating I laughed, I cried, I stared at walls, and I thought about past events, which made my meditation experiences very abstract. But over time, I have learned to pull my mind back to my center of calmness.


The Global Grind’s post begins with Russell discussing the amount of time in your day that should be put aside for meditation. He suggests 20 minutes. If you have a hard time sitting for 20 minutes, I suggest starting at 10 minutes and working yourself up to 20 minutes. Next, Russell speaks of finding a comfortable sitting area that is safe and relatively quite. Once you have decide a time that is convenient to you and select a comfortable site for meditation then you are ready to slip into a place that you can only find. Below is an excerpt from Russell’s post about how he meditates.


“First, find a comfortable seat and set your alarm for 20 minutes. It’s very important that you are sitting comfortably. After a minute silently repeat (in your mind) the Mantra “Rum” over and over to yourself. You can do this at a fast or slow pace as you like, but repeat this mantra simply as a vibration (it has no meaning). Meditation only requires that you sit, be patient and “watch all your thoughts” as they come and go. But, you MUST be patient, patience is the key.”


I hope this blog post helps those of you who are still exploring various meditation techniques that compliments your mind and body for a sustainable you.


Source, Global Grind to read more

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