Mother’s Day Gift Baskets


May 12, 2013 is Mother’s Day, a gift basket delivered to your loved one would be a wonderful surprise delivered right to her door.

Like the first flowers of Spring, mom will be thrilled when this gorgeous fine wine and gourmet food gift basket arrives. She’ll love these two Australian wines – 2010 Gossford Reserve Shiraz and 2011 Southern Point Sauvignon Blanc. This lovely gift basket is also brimming with Mississippi Cheese… read more Flowers of Spring Mother’s Day Wine Basket




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A few of LHHG’s followers ask for suggestion to buy gifts. LHHG suggest our advertisers because they have a good track record for customer satisfaction and we can report complaints to a governing agency.

Pesticide Dirty: Fruits and Vegtable List for 2013

LHHG Foodi Tip: Pick fruits and vegetables that have a thick outer skin when selecting non-organic produce. However, non-organic fruits and vegetables should not be excused from your menu. Washing and lightly scrubbing the vegetables and fruits will remove pesticide residue found on the out layer of your produce. Also, buy foods that are in season, because farmers have less problems with pest and disease due to friendly growing environments and weather conditions.

Worst Produce: High in Pesticide Residue
Cherry tomatoes
Hot peppers
Nectarines – imported
Kale / collard greens +
Summer squash +

Dirty Dozen List Source:

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