Repurposing Pallets for Cute Functional Living Spaces

The world is full of products that can be used as 2nd generation materials.  With safety and sanitation as top priorities, a designer can clearly create an inexpensive functional product that fits the needs of self and or community.  For instance, this pallet house can provide temporary shelter for dislocated … Continue reading

Good Shepherd Community Church’s Health Fair and Festival

All community members are invited to Good Shepherd Community Church’s 23rd Anniversary Celebration, and Annual Health Fair and Festival for food, fun and learning.   Living Healthy Happy and Green in partnership with Atwood Community Garden and Farm and Warren Wilson College Student Volunteers is helping coordinate and launch the … Continue reading

My Day: Agriculture Class at Omenala Gardens

  During my agriculture class at Omenala Gardens today, I sharpened my skills as a volunteer coordinator and as an agriculture educator by working with Atlanta Food Bank’s amazing community garden coordinator LiLi and Emory University’s students and Morehouse College’s students.  Although we all were wet and dirty by the … Continue reading

Gran Gran Vandaline Gardens begins on Mother’s Day 2013

Featured Video: Gran Gran Vandaline Gardens, Soil Turning
I am not sure what compliment I can give my Mom, she is an incredible woman who holds together her husband, children, grandchildren and godchildren so we do not fall apart. Yes, my Mom and her other half, my Dad, are the glue that keeps my family together. On this Mother’s Day I am posting the first Gran Gran Vandaline Gardens segment as one of her Mother’s Day presents, since she loves gardening and since she has sooo much knowledge about gardening to share.
First, let me tell you a little bit about my Mom. She grew up on a farm in Tennessee, which had pigs, chickens, dogs, cows, gardens, wild vegetation, fruits and berries. At a very young age, Mom learned how to prepare everything she could pick. As a result, when she had a family of her own she feed us, as soon as we could chew food, a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries that she picked or grew. When I was 2 years old, she had a plot in a community garden near our home in Indiana so we could have fresh food. To those who don’t know, community gardens have been in existence before our life times. Since my toddler days, I can’t remember a time when my Mom has not planted a garden and has not allowed every child around her playing in it.
Gran Gran Vandaline Gardens:
Vandaline, also called Gran Gran by her grandchildren and godchildren, suggest we start preparing the soil this week so we can plant next week. For seasoned gardeners, like my Mom, they have already started their gardens. For those of us who are somewhat behind in preparing our gardens, the time is now to start prepping the soil for a bountiful garden through all growing seasons.
First, turn the soil over and prep the soil for planting seeds using tools such as a garden shovel, a garden spade, a garden hoe, and a garden rake for small gardens. If you have a large garden, Gran Gran Vandaline suggest turning the soil over and prepping it with a garden tiller or a tractor. Also, while turning the soil, take the time to cover all greenery that has been dug up and work it back into the soil. Once the soil is turned, make sure you break up the large clumps of dirt to make planting the seeds more manageable and keeping the soil from drying out. Next, rake it to smooth out clots and clumps, and to level your seedbed’s surface.
If you have problems with water drainage in your garden, raise the planting rows high enough to create slopes on both sides of the row for the rain water to drain into the walkways. Always avoid areas where you see water erosion, because your seeds will be washed away.

Source: Gran Gran Vandaline and Vanessa G. Turner

LHHG’s Earth Hour Challenge 2013

LHHG’s Earth Hour Challenge 2013 wants you to change at least one light bulb to LED before March 23, 2014 and upload a video as proof to LHHG’s Sustainability Advocate, Vanessa G. Turner’s YouTube Channel. If you meet this challenge, Vanessa will change 25 people’s lighting fixture’s light bulbs in the West End area in Atlanta, Georgia. Get-up and Get-going!!!!

Don’t forget to turn your lights off today, March 23, 2013 at 8:30 pm for 60 minutes.

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