LHHG Holiday Crafts: Kids Easter Eggs Craft Day

Step 1, buy all of your the supplies for your Kids Easter Eggs Craft Day from your local arts and crafts store, and you can also use upcycled items. This is a good time to have a scavenger hunt for supplies needed for the project. Take a look around your house, ask friends, and ask family members what they have before buying anything.

Supplies needed for this project:
Papier-Mâché Eggs
Non-Toxic glue, such as Mod Podge
Colored Paper (with Pictures), upcycle paper that you can find
(example, wrapping paper, newspaper, tissue paper, etc)
Non-Toxic Paints
Paint Brushes
Paint Trays, use old plates
Water Holders, use old cups
Soap and Towels, for easy clean up

Step 2, cover your table with a waterproof tablecloth, just-in-case the kids get a little messy.

Step 3, you can start designing eggs:

Decoupage Eggs: Have your kids paint Mod Podge on the eggs and then have the kids take pieces of colored paper to make beautiful decoupage eggs. After everyone covers the eggs with colored paper, apply a layer or two of Mod Podge for a protective and shiny coating.

Glitter Eggs: Have your kids paint Mod Podge on the eggs and then have your kids dust the eggs with glitter. The kids can repeat this process one or two more times.

Painted Eggs: Have your kids paint Mod Podge on the eggs and then let the kids paint the eggs with whatever designs they want to create. Apply Mod Podge on top of the eggs for a finished look.

Appliqué Eggs: After painting the eggs, you can have the kids apply Modge Podge and then apply paper flowers or other appliqués for a textured look.

Step 4, let all the eggs dry and then have the kids apply one last coat of Mod Podge, if they want!

Step 5, don’t forget to have the kids sign and date their creations.

Kids Easter Eggs Craft Day is an easy and a fun project for the entire family! Enjoy!!

Source: Sherille Raymond, Mom

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