Retro Car Designs: 1965 Buick Wildcat





Retro Car find for sustainable design ideas:

While walking to a conference, I could not help but to stop and admire a red antique car parked 3 spaces to the left of my car. Without reservation, I’m admitting that I am a old car nut with a specific masculine spot in my brain that loves sports cars. I just can’t seem to walk past them without stopping and looking at every detail, without concern for whatever engagement I am on my way to.  Enough about me, let me give you a snapshot of the history behind the 1965 sporty four-door family sedan, which did bring a whole new dimension to Buick’s sports performance series. The Wildcat (I love the name) was considered the first performance luxury car in the full size family car arena.  This car is not light weight, it featured a 401 cubic-inch V-8 nail head engine with a four barrel carburetor, needed to pull all 4,550 (appx) pounds of metal.  The attractive design holds a position in the category of true 60′s muscles cars for those who are muscle car enthusiast.


Buick knew what it was doing by making sure it satisfied two types of consumers, 1) the 2-door convertible style delivered a dose of adrenalin for  the man or woman who wanted to hold on to the single look and 2) the 2-door and the 4-door hard-top set the stage for those who wanted to look stylish with room for the family to sit comfortably while out running errands.

Staying true to Buick designs and both consumer profiles, side metal trims, portholes located on the front fenders, and the inverted grille that highlighted the Wildcat’s Buick emblem design created a distinct look that is still admired by car lovers of today.

The Wildcat series started in 1963 to 1970.

Original price bought new: $3,120-$3,650, wow.

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Zuhair Murad is LHHG’s Favorite BBMA Fashion Designer of 2013


LHHG’s favorite designer is Zuhair Murad. LHHG’s favorite gown designed by Murad was worn by Jennifer Lopez. The dress was tastefully designed to show off all the curves of a women and still celebrate women’s femininity. Jennifer Lopez wears the dress with style and confidence.
Zuhair Murad’s 2013 collection is titled “Golden Age,” featuring Lemarié for feathers, yards of silks, yards of tulle, detailed embroideries, sequins, pearls, and trims to create a light weight and airy form fitting formal collection, a fashion feature found in the art from ancient Greece. The colors in the 2013 collection are a variety of richly layered, complimentary colored undertoned dyed fabrics blended to create neutral colors of pale greys, pale blue greys, pale peaches, pale golds, bold golds and pure whites that mimic nudity. The dresses are cut on the bias so perfectly that every movement of fabric makes the dresses float in the air. Murad 2013 collection also features a suit, body suits and short dresses tailored to elegantly mold to the body for simple but extravagant silhouettes.
Source: Zuhair Murad

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