Day 4 & 5 of LHHG’s Challenge: Sustainable You Goals




LHHG’s Challenge asks, “Are you enjoying meditating?”  Here is the 21-Day Meditation Challenge link. Don’t forget to answer Dr. Oz’s Quiz: What’s Your Metabolism Type?

I hope everyone is meditating.  After a busy day, I find myself just wanting to go to bed and go to sleep.  Matter of fact, part of my mind wants to shut down for the day and do nothing.  However, I am choosing to continue building on a program that will help me stay mentally and physically fit.


When I manage my time to meditate daily, I notice a difference in my decision making process.  For instance, when I am preparing my lunch, I do not waiver from my decision to eat beyond the set amount of calories that I am dedicating to the meal.  As a result, after eating my lunch, I don’t feel guilty.  With all things considered, I am “holistically” feeling satisfied and energized to continue with the rest of my day.


Under these circumstances, I am becoming more aware of my body and its needs.  After a long day of sitting in front of a computer, I notice my muscles are stiff and tense from sedentary activity.  With me practicing meditation, my mind is becoming more in tune with how my body feels at the end of my day.  Without a lot of complex analysis, my mind is becoming a conduit for simple thoughts that are about what I want to do, in an organic fashion, to relax my muscles and relieve tension on a daily basis.


With the help of meditation, I am peacefully focusing on my mental and physical needs.  Even at 2 am in the morning, I am not running to the refrigerator and blindly eating a snack.  What I am doing is setting aside time to listen to the 21-Day Meditation Challenge’s messages and feeling good that I am participating.  Each day, I learn about my body and mind so that I am better equipped to handle challenges through the day.  Most importantly, I am making a conscious effort to have a peaceful mind and a sound body.


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