Repurposing Pallets for Cute Functional Living Spaces

Pallete House

Pallet House

The world is full of products that can be used as 2nd generation materials.  With safety and sanitation as top priorities, a designer can clearly create an inexpensive functional product that fits the needs of self and or community.  For instance, this pallet house can provide temporary shelter for dislocated families due to environmental disasters or provide a sub-solution to homelessness. On the flip side, some homeowners may find that the pallet house design provides a practical garden tool storage space or a comfortable inexpensive resting area on their property.

What ever the use, only those who have creative and open minds can see past the primary purpose of the pallets to find its secondary purpose.

Priceless solutions can only be explored by forward thinkers, with green agendas, who want to preserve natural resources from further destruction and who want to help people who are on shifting ground.



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